Since the Easter holidays, the children of the CM classes participated in 5 sessions of rugby with Nick Ford, rugby coach of the Brest UC Rugby Club.

These sessions allowed the children to discover a different sport and to learnhow to tackle, score and play rugby within a safe environment.

And all instructions were given in English !! A great opportunity for the children to improve their english understanding to play sport in the same time !

The children were taught how the basics of rugby « go forward to score » or

« go forward to tackle » and how important team effort and cooperation is ;

they were taught to accept contact with other players, to accept the referees

decision and to win or lose with humility and grace.

Although rugby is traditionally a masculin sport there were no

preconceptions of abilities and as is often the case, the girls prooved to be equal to the boys

and in some cases better !

They took great delight in the relays especially

« hot potatoes » ( aim is to throw the ball up and catch it while running) and

even greater delight in the matches especially the « boys » versus « girls » !

All in all a great experience for the children !